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Invisalign® Survey

Invisalign® – Can Your Smile Benefit From Invisalign®? Find Out With This Short Survey! Take Survey Invisible In Your Smile Invisalign uses comfortable, clear aligners to straighten your teeth, allowing the solution to blend in naturally with your smile. Most people won’t even know you are wearing them! Removable Aligners Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign snuggly […]

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– 5-Star Rated Dentist on Google Book Appointment Convenient Care We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the dental care you need when you need it or want it. Technology Our technology allows us to provide better care, comfort, and precision when working with patients to achieve desired results. Compassionate Care

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Sleep Apnea Learning Center

Sleep Apnea Treatment – Your Treatment For A Better Night’s Sleep Schedule an Appointment Today! Book Consultation 252-881-1796 At-Risk Quiz Upon completion of the form, please send it to the following email address:capelookoutfamilydentistry@gmail.com Take Quiz What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. There are

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that impacts sleep by causing pauses in breathing. These pauses can last for several seconds and can happen multiple times throughout the night. This can result in poor sleep quality. There are many dangers associated with inadequate rest. Getting enough sleep is essential for our bodies to function properly, and

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Online Payments

Cape Lookout Dental is an office committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care. Payment for services rendered in our office may be made online for the convenience of patients.  At any time, you can check your balance, submit payments, or view receipts on our online payment portal! The following link will

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Dental Implants

At Cape Lookout Dental, we are on a mission to transform the smiles of Morehead City, NC, and create a new standard for excellent dental care. We believe that the best dental work is performed by dental professionals that truly listen to your needs and provide treatments to not just fix the problem but change

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Dental Implants Survey

Dental Implants – Find Out If You Are A Candidate For Dental Implants By Taking Our Short Survey! Take Survey Natural Look & Feel Once you get dental implants, most people will never know you had missing teeth to begin with! Dental implants mimic natural teeth so well, you’ll feel confident smiling again and eating

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Invisalign® Learning Center

Invisalign® – Your Smile’s Choice For Orthodontic Care Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!* Interest-free financing is available starting at $187 per month!* *New Patients Only. Book Consultation 252-881-1796 Benefits of Invisalign® Clear Aligners Did you know that straightening your smile could be done without brackets and wires? With Invisalign clear aligners in Morehead City, NC,

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Dental Implants Learning Center

Dental Implants – Normalizing Your Life After Tooth Loss Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!* *New Patients Only. Book Consultation 252-881-1796 What Are Dental Implants? Allow us to introduce you to the ideal solution to restore your missing teeth: dental implants. While there are other options for replacing teeth (dentures and bridges), implants are the only

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Periodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses specifically on the health and treatment of the supporting structures of teeth. This includes the jaw ridge supporting the tooth sockets, various tissue ligaments, and the gums.  One of the most common ailments we see in this specialty is gum disease, the infection of the gums and

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