Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment utilized to restore the health of a badly damaged or decayed tooth. When damage or decay reaches the tooth’s interior, an infection can develop quite quickly. A tooth infection leads to the inflammation of the blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth. Left untreated, this can cause severe pain, the spread of infection, or loss of the tooth. 

If you or a family member is suffering from a tooth infection, allow our team in Morehead City, NC to care for you! When you visit us for a root canal, we will ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the entire procedure. Your comfort and wellness are our priority; call our office today!

Signs of a Tooth Infection

  • Having a painful toothache
  • A tooth with dark discoloration
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Tender, swollen gums around a tooth

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal procedure is a fairly common and minimally invasive treatment utilized to restore the health, strength, and appearance of an infected tooth. While you may have heard scary stories about root canal procedures, let us assure you that the treatment is nothing to fear! In fact, it saves your damaged tooth from extraction and relieves pain almost immediately. Our team members maintain their focus on keeping you safe and comfortable throughout any procedure; during the following process, you will be in great hands:

  • Any decay is removed from the tooth prior to performing the root canal.
  • A tiny opening is created on the surface of the tooth to access the internal structure.
  • Inflamed pulp will be removed; this includes the blood vessels, nerves, and tissues within the tooth.
  • The inside of the tooth will be cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material, known as gutta-percha. 
  • The opening will be sealed and the tooth will be capped by a dental crown.

CEREC Dental Crowns

When your tooth needs a dental crown, our technology allows us to design, create, and place the prosthetic in just one office visit! While most practices require impressions taken with messy clay and days or weeks waiting for the crown to be delivered from a lab, we complete the entire process in our office. This involves:

  • A digital impression of the tooth after root canal completion.
  • Using computer-aided technology, we will upload this impression to our software, where your dentist will begin designing your dental crown.
  • When the design is complete, it will be forwarded to our CEREC milling machine.
  • This machine will use advanced precision and accuracy to sculpt your crown from a block of tooth-colored composite.
  • Within one hour, the entire process will be complete and your crown will be placed.

Skip the temporary crown, the multiple office visits, and the extra associated costs, at Cape Lookout Dental, complete your root canal procedure and crown installation in just one visit to our office!

Keeping Your Care Convenient & Your Teeth Healthy

At Cape Lookout Dental, your oral health is important to us. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best care, compassion, and convenience each time you visit our office. We believe that by doing all we can to care for you and your family’s smile, we are able to promote a healthy relationship between our patients and their attitudes toward dental care. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing tooth pain or any of the symptoms mentioned above, call our office for a prompt and professional procedure to relieve pain and restore health.

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