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What Are Dental Implants?

Allow us to introduce you to the ideal solution to restore your missing teeth: dental implants. While there are other options for replacing teeth (dentures and bridges), implants are the only solution capable of restoring the entire tooth structure. Not only do implants feature a beautiful, custom-made crown, but they are also connected to an artificial tooth root just below the surface. We assure you, this makes a world of difference!

The Implant Process

At our practice in Morehead City, NC, we are able to restore dental implants once they have been surgically placed; this means, we provide the addition of a dental crown or bridge once the implant has been placed and healed. We are also able to replace or repair crowns if they have been damaged or begin to become loose. While we do not place implants in our practice, we believe it’s important for patients to be educated about the entire procedure. For a general overview of implant placement and restoration, please read below:

When you visit an office to have an implant placed, they will typically begin by analyzing your current oral health condition. If they discover the presence of gum disease, loss of bone density, or damage evident in any of your remaining teeth, they will likely request that these problems be addressed before proceeding. This precaution is taken in order to ensure you’re in the best shape for surgery and speedy recovery.

Upon determining that your health is in great shape, implant placement surgery will be scheduled. At this time, a doctor will administer an anesthetic to keep you relaxed and comfortable. They will then create a tiny incision in the gum tissue where the implant is to be placed. Following this step, a tiny titanium post (the artificial tooth root) will be embedded into the jawbone. The incision will then be closed and allowed time for healing.

You may find this step to be the most frustrating, but we encourage you to have patience! Great things come to those who wait, especially when getting dental implants! Over a period of between three to six months, the titanium implant will begin to fuse to the bone tissue. This creates a stabilized anchor that keeps the full prosthetic as secure as a natural, healthy tooth.

It’s finally time to complete your procedure; that’s where we come in! When you visit us, we will first check the implant post to ensure that the piece is stable. To complete the process, our team will attach an abutment to the post; the abutment is used to create a secure connection between the post and your new crown. Using CEREC machinery, we can create your perfect new crown on the same day! Once your crown is cemented over the abutment, your implant is finally complete.

At Cape Lookout Dental, we provide a free consultation to begin the implant restoration process. That way, we have the chance to analyze your smile, examine your implant, and assess your needs for restoration. Whether you are interested in placing your crown, replacing your crown, or undergoing crown repairs, we invite you to visit us for this consultation at no cost.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Interested in learning why dental implants are a great choice? Where do we begin! First of all, if you’re seeking a procedure that lasts a lifetime, this is it! Once an implant is inserted and healed within the jawbone, it’s not going anywhere. As for your future care, you will need to brush and floss normally and replace the crown every 15 years; that’s it! Still not convinced? There’s more:

Restores Function

Appears Natural

Promotes Oral Health

The Cost of Dental Implant Restoration

Whether you’re looking to address a damaged crown or have your new implant restored, it is not possible to estimate the cost without first examining your smile. By scheduling your FREE consultation, we can determine this expense in accordance with your unique needs and circumstances. To determine your cost, begin the first step by scheduling a visit with our team.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are not only the most convenient option for replacing teeth, but they are also the healthiest. Having dental implants means enjoying your favorite foods again, restoring the full function of your mouth, and feeling more confident about your smile. Want to find out if implants are right for you?

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